This platform 'JyotiṣVāstu Academy -' (hereinafter referred as “We”, “us”, “our”, “JyotiṣVāstu Academy” or “Website”) protects the privacy of its Users (including customers and astrologer, whether registered or not registered) of the Website/Application. The Users are requested to carefully read and understand the Privacy Policy so that they know how the Website/ Application is going to use your information supplied by you on the Website/Application.

This Privacy Policy is published in accordance with Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 and Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 which requires publishing of the Privacy Policy for collection, use, storage and transfer of sensitive personal data or information.

Consent of the User

Updates to the terms and conditions or privacy policy will be posted on both the Website and the Application, with users or members receiving notifications regarding any amendments. If the User or member continues to use the website or application, it is assumed that they have agreed to the updated terms and conditions or privacy policy. The User hereby consents to providing personally identifiable information, which includes full name, address, contact number, email address, date of birth, and any other details required by Us.


The services which are provided by Us require the personal identifiable information of the User. We use this information for providing the one-on-one service between the User and the astrologer, the astrologer will need the User's information to make certain predictions. The information provided to Us by the User is stored by taking all the necessary security measures so that no third party can acquire this information. Only certain information is retrieved from the User, and the User should use a secure browser for sharing his personal as well as financial information.

This information will be required by Us in order to provide You Our services and to further improvise them. We also clarify that We do not sell or rent the User's personally identifiable information in any manner. The User shall use the Website and Application at the User's own risk. JyotiṣVāstu Academy is not for the people who are aged below 18, any person below the age of 18 should be accompanied by a guardian or parent. No one should use JyotiṣVāstu Academy for the purpose of committing suicide, self-destruction or any of the related activities. Such Users are advised to stop the use of the Website with the immediate effect, and any continued use of the Website/Application by any such person would be considered solely at the User's risk, and the Website shall have no liability for any event in such a scenario. The information provided by such a User can be shared with law enforcement authorities if required by the Website/Application, and that information of such User is not protected from any kind of non-disclosure or confidential agreements with the Website/Application or with any third-party involved herein.

The Website/Application further states that no commitment is taken by Us for the happening or non-happening of any event which is predicted by the astrologers to the Users. We also do not take a guarantee of the happening or non-happening of any event after using our products such as any particular gem, show-piece, etc. We take no warranty on such services which is provided by the Website/Application in any manner.

Information Collected by Us

We collect all such information which helps us to know about the User and also helps us to differentiate all Users from one another. Such information is provided by the User on the Website or the Application and is called personally identifiable information. The Website/Application collects such information during the following actions-

  1. User information - While using the Website or the Application, the User may require to create an account for availing certain services and purchasing products. The User need to provide the Us with certain personal information for creating an account and such information shall include but not limited to full name, telephone number, date of birth, address, e-mail address, gender, photograph and any other information which is 'sensitive personal data or information' as defined under the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices And Procedures And Sensitive Personal Data Of Information) Rules, 2011, enacted under the Information Technology Act, 2000, and any other detail required on the website during registration. The Users will be provided with personalised e-mails and SMS on the registered e-mail address or phone number provided by the User to the Website. If any User has not registered his/her e-mail address or phone number, then We will not be able to provide any services due to non-availability of the personal identifiable information of the User.
  2. Booking of service/ordering a product - While booking a service or ordering a product, the personal information which shall include, but not limited to financial information which shall contain bank account information, credit/debit card details or other payment instrument details through a secure third-party gateway, internet protocol (IP) address and any other information that the Website or the Application may require for booking a service or ordering a product. Such information is kept confidential with the Us.
  3. Cookies and IP Address - We collect information using cookies, a cookie automatically logs generic information about the User's computer connection to the internet. We may store with Us temporary or permanent cookies on the User's computer. We use cookies to provide the User with a personalized experience, and we display the advertisements accordingly. Sometimes the Users are directed to some different website and in that case the User shall provide information at the User’s own risk. We shall not be liable for the misuse of such information shared by the User or by any third party. We also welcome feedback, comments, etc., from our Users, and we may disclose them on articles, blogs, groups, forums, other pages, etc. which the User may have access to while visiting the Website. The User is advised to not reveal any such personal identifiable information which User doesn't want to disclose in any feedback, comments, etc. as this information will be posted online and will be accessible by any person who visits the Website.
  4. Miscellaneous - We may collect any other information which may be mandatory for a User to reveal to avail the services, such information may be received via e-mail or any other mode of communication and this information may not be made part of the User's profile but shall be used only for addressing the specific need or concern of the User.

Some information will be collected by Us which qualifies as non-personal identifiable information, this information will not disclose who the User is, and this information will be collected when a person visits the Website, cookies, etc. and would include but not limited to the following-

Such information is used by the Website for improving the site content and performance, and we may share this non-personal identifiable information with third party service provider and third-party advertiser for online advertising, and other related activities.

Miscellaneous Activities

The Site might gather whatever other data which might be compulsory to be uncovered and further may get some other data by means of email or other technique comprehensive of agreement as to explicit services profited from the Site or any items purchased from the Site, such data may not be made piece of the Client Part profile however will be utilized exclusively for tending to the particular need or worry of the Client.

Security Measures

All the information received from a User is important to Us, and we take all the necessary precautionary steps to safeguard the information. We request our Users to always use a secure browser for the input of any personal or financial information. We also use various encryption methods to keep the information safe from any unwanted third-party. We however do not guarantee that data transmission is completely secured, therefore, User should take precaution and sufficient care against any sharing of the details submitted on the Website. We are not responsible for the security or confidentiality of the communications the Users may send through the internet using email, messages, etc.

Non-Personal Identifiable Information

The information qualifies as non-individual in nature when the information accumulated doesn't recognize a specific end client. Such information is assembled when the client visits the Site, cookies, etc. and would integrate yet not confined to the going with:

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the past site visited by the Client before visiting this site or the URL of the site the Client visits ensuing to visit this site. Network access provider/IP Address/Telecom expert association. Sort of Program used for getting to the site. Topographical Region.

Such non-individual recognizable data is involved by the Site for the reasons including yet not restricted to investigate association issues, regulate the site, examine patterns, accumulate segment data, recurrence of visits to the site, normal length of visits, pages saw during a visit, consistence with relevant regulation, and help out policing, and so on.

The data is utilized for further developing the webpage content and execution and the site might impart this data to Outsider Specialist co-ops and Outsider Promoters to quantify the general viability of the site's internet publicizing, content, programming and for other bona fide reason as required.

The client hereby confirms and accepts that the data provided to the website is accurate, correct and updated. The website and its entities will not be responsible for the authenticity of the information that client may provide. The client shall solely and personally be liable for breach of any provision.

Use of Information

We collect only relevant information and the following information is used by Us for the following purposes -


The User provides the Website with personal information and the Website takes full responsibility to take care of such information and not to disclose this information. Only such information shall be provided by the User which is mentioned here. No other personal information shall be provided by the User to the Website and such information will not be requested or collected by the Website. Such confidential information shall not be disclosed or shared by the Website either orally or in writing.

Children Privacy Policy

This Website is for the Users who are the age 18 years or above. Anyone who is under the age of 18 years shall use this website only under the guidance of a guardian or parent.

Safety and Security

All the personal identifiable information as well as financial information is kept with the best possible security. Data is saved with us using different methods of security like password protection, encryption method, etc. The User is also advised to use a secure browser while using the Website and when providing any information. We at JyotiṣVāstu Academy try to keep your information protected from any third-party who may misuse your information. We also do not sell your information to anyone. We use our best practices to secure the User's personal details as well as financial details. We use the best encryption methods to ensure that transactions are secure from Our side and therefore Users can confidently make payments. By doing so, we strive for the safety and security of our users, thus making their experience with absolutely safe and secure.


The Website is only liable for communication and transaction between the User and the Website and the Website will not be liable for communication and transaction between the User and any third-party. We do not claim to make accurate predictions, it is a spiritual guidance on the basis of the knowledge passed on by seers of ancient time which has not been preserved, there is no guarantee on accuracy of predictions, Users’ decision in following the advice provided on or through the Website shall be solely theirs. Neither the Website nor its associated persons or entities shall be held liable for any actions, happenings, understandings of or with the Users. We hereby disclaim any and all liabilities/obligations related to the advice/consultation provided on or through our Website.